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# 26-33, Halagevaderahalli Village, Opp Global Academy of Technology, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore



THE MAESTRO'S CHOICE - Epitome of luxury living


When the seven notes come together in harmony, you discover a stream of unending joy. It is a sheer artistic creation, a masterpiece transcending the obvious. Here's bringing to you the inspirational Navami Symphony, a maestro's presentation to the connoisseurs. Ladies and gentlemen, come, live the high life.

Melody of happiness.

Just as musicians attend to minute details to fine tune their instruments before a performance to result in music that exudes brilliance, high attention to every inch dominates Navami Symphony that results in the very best of creation.

Striking the right balance is the key, indoors outdoors, usage of materials, methodology and quality check procedures blend to create the finest that towers above all else to set benchmarks. Come, drench yourself in fine quality

Wonderful vistas of life

The rhythm and patterns of detailed planning fill the resident with an uncommon joy. Smart architecture welcomes you in every area of the beautiful apartment building.

Just like a 'swara', the thoughtful and futuristic design are perfect duet of aesthetics and contemporary architecture that bring out layers of infinite joy in you.

Navami Symphony is a basement + G +4 floors apartment complex comprising of 2 & 3 BHK homes in tow blocks 1 & 2. The apartment complex truly reflects the designing and planning efficiency of the dedicated team at Navami Builders where we believe that the demands of modern day living need to be complemented by the nuances of time tested values.