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Is it simply because Navami has successfully completed over2.5 million sq.ft. of construction?... or because Navami has handled more than 35 successful projects?... Or maybe even because Navami has been a game changer for the past 1.5 decades that it has been in the construction business for…

As the everyday scenario changes, we at Navami persistently challenge the status quo and strive to make a difference in the lives of people who in-turn believe in making a positive dent in the world.


A house is most times a lifetime of investment… and a lot goes in to purchasing a home… it’s not just a financial decision but also an emotional decision equally.

At Navami, we understand what goes in to making a house, a home. Your home.

We at Navami begin with giving you a home that’s hassle free, legally secure and has all statutory approvals in place including OC. There is no room for compromise at Navami.

Aside to this, when you walk in to prospect buying a home, you look for the finer details that will make that house your home.


Didn’t your wife mention that she wanted lilac tiles that won’t stain or the big kitchen that she and a dozen of her friends from the cookery class can spend the afternoon in…

Didn’t your husband discuss that this house should be within his 15-year plan and that the parking space should easily accommodate your family’s next big car…

Didn’t your father point to the house being legally sound and all it’s paperwork in place?

Didn’t your mother and your mother-in-law advise in unison that the house you buy should be secure for your growing family?

Didn’t the kids say they wanted play areas?

Didn’t your daughter want a room for her and her computer and didn’t your son say he wanted a room big enough to make his next ultra-mega-big-science project in?

Navami homes are meticulously planned, are designed to be aesthetically beautiful and functional to include all state-of-the-art amenities. Navami looks at setting new standards at the international level with every project it undertakes.

From the first foundation stone to the finished product, Navami strives to bring happiness, peace and good health to its clients. After all, a house is just a house without you and the thought of you in it. Come, experience a Navami home.